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The Story of an Egyptian Girl

My name is Huda Labib, from Cairo, Egypt. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Geography, in addition to a diploma in the same specialization.

In my third year of undergraduate, I was the ideal student in the Geography department of Ain Shams University. In my final year, I was the ideal student in 11 departments in the Faculty of Arts. I got first place in the Geography department in my first three years of university. I started teaching in 1993.

My hobbies are reading, traveling to explore countries, as well as cooking.

One of the most impressive moments of my life as a teacher was when the seventh graders gave me a bouquet of flowers on the Mother’s Day.  They told me they feel that I am like a mother to them and asked for a picture together.It was a nice gesture.

After my students learned how to use (Quizizz) and after I had created many tests using the program, my students now like to do quizzes every SS class. The test no longer intimidates or scares them. It became one of their favorites because they review the content easily.

I believe very strongly in the proverb that says:

- Be patient. Things will change for the better.

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