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Teaching is Magic

My name is Rana Atari. I have lived in Kuwait all my life. I received my bachelor degree in Arabic language from Kuwait University. I was so fortunate to have joined Al- Bayan Bilingual School 22 years ago. My parents along with my husband, children and friends supported me through this journey and I’m so proud of each and every one of them.

It was a great opportunity for me to teach kindergarten because I’ve always liked to work with children and help them explore their beautiful worlds. I’m always working on adding an entertainment-factor to my class to encourage my students to engage and enjoy the lesson. I enjoy observing my kids and trying to read their behaviors, which helps me better cope with them individually and collectively. I teach them skills, and give them the platform to navigate and apply these skills, that would prepare them for their future journeys. I try my best to focus on my students’ learning abilities and skills, in order to prepare them for future challenges.

In order to engage all students in the classroom, I conduct my lessons through different approaches, teaching methods and activities. Each child is unique, children learn in different ways as their readiness varies. Differentiated instruction is the strategy that helps ensure that I meet my children’s needs. It is very important that the children find connection between what they learn and their daily life and interests.

My goal for this year is to provide a safe and suitable learning environment for my children. It is important that children learn to work independently, while also understanding the dynamic and importance of group-work. The most significant and memorable moment in my career was when one of my student’s parents appreciated that her child is able to speak Arabic fluently and can express herself. When I started to hear the same comment from several parents, it was really rewarding and encouraging. I often wondered if that meant that this was a turning point for these children. While developing and strengthening a second language, I believe that it is extremely important to for our children to be able to express themselves through their mother-language.

Praising has a magical effect on people and especially on children. Recognizing one’s good work has a great impact on their future performances.

I’m so grateful that I became a teacher. More than any vocation, I believe that teaching is a profession that calls to the heart of an individual.



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