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Sports Drive My Education

Tell us a bit about your background:

My name is Stephen Quinn, I have been teaching in the classroom for the last 7 years. I have mainly taught mathematics in the middle school grades. I love teaching mathematics because of how applicable it is to everyday life. I enjoy answering the questions that challenge me on when people use any of the concepts we learn that year. I have also been working at a country club for the last 18 years. One area of my responsibilities at the club is with the summer day camp. I think working with the camp as long as I have has helped me learn how to build rapport with my students.


One of my favorite hobbies is reading, watching, playing and coaching all different types of sports. I love how much of an impact sports play on a person’s life. It teaches a people to set a reachable goal, to endure through hardship, and most importantly to accept failure not as a negative, but as a learning opportunity to build upon for the next time. These are arguably the three most important aspects to a person’s education. As a teacher, I implore my students to try out for any of the sports teams.


Share with us one new approach to teaching and learning that you have undertaken (or are currently undertaking) this academic year:

I am currently trying a new approach in my lessons. I have been trying different ideas on how to teach my students to take better notes. Using the smartboard program, I write out exactly what I want them to know. For example, the definitions, example problem I want them to practice, and any other topics. The program then adjusts the size so that the content fits on one sheet when you print it out. I just started using it so it is in the beginning stages of its development. I like to think it is making a difference.


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