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Positivity Is The Key

I would like to start my story with my preferred saying "your Attitude determines your Altitude". James Allen wrote, “Man’s rise or fall, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness depends on his attitude.” And Norman Vincent Peale, said, “Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.”


This is Huda Barghouti from Palestine. I was born in Kuwait and continued my education up to university level in Kuwait. I enjoy walking on the beach which I go for almost every day. I have one daughter, Layla, who graduated from BBS and continued her higher education in Sharjah.

I hold a bachelor degree in Computer Science. I worked for 4 years in Kuwait University as programmer and IT trainer. Then in 1992 I joined BBS as ES Math teacher.


Being at BBS, I have had the chance to complete my teaching certificate from College of New Jersey and my masters in Multidisciplinary Education with Certificate in Leadership from Buffalo University.


Five years ago, I got the position of IT Coach for elementary division. It is a great opportunity to work with staff and help integrating technology into teaching/learning process.


My goal for this year is to continue training teachers to be competent and comfortable in their use of technology, so that they may be able to implement it effectively. Also continue providing input/insight on ways to increase teachers' use of technology in teaching and learning which will positively impact student performance in the classroom. I am focusing on creating digital stories using iPads and applying web-based applications, such as Kahoot and QR Code, in classrooms.


Worth watching video

From the movie Pay it Forward


From the movie Dead Poet Society


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