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My Lovely Moments with BBS Children


Tell us a bit about your background:


My name is Fawzia Orabi, I'm from Gaza- Palestine. My both parents were teachers, and I’m the eldest daughter. I finished my elementary, middle and high school education in Kuwait. I graduated from Al Yarmouk University in Jordan. I have been teaching for 23 years. I love swimming, traveling, basketball, tennis, and adventures. I enjoy learning and exploring new things about technology that I can use in life and in class.


Explain one new approach to teaching and learning that you have undertaken (or are currently undertaking) this academic year:

I found that implementing Peer Tutoring Strategy is an effective one. The children always surprise me when I put them in groups, that they are able to express themselves, discuss and explain to each other. I also teach by using a problem solving approach, it gives the children an opportunity to use skills they have learned previously and gives me an opening to teach new problem solving strategies. I also use Reading Prediction Strategy, making predictions is a simple place for young readers to begin their comprehension journey. This can easily be modeled and discussed as we read books together.


Tell us one moment from your teaching experience that was particularly powerful, interesting, or funny:

A funny moment that I remember, was when I was teaching open and close curves. After practicing and showing different examples, I drew an open curve and then asked one of the children what he could see, he answered, “get out curve”.


What teaching and learning goal are you most excited to achieve by the end of this school year? 

My goal is to implement Tribes strategies, focusing on attentive listening and mutual respect. Students need to develop the basics of each skill so they understand what is expected of them at school and at home. By the end of this academic year, I would like to see my students to be able to read, mastering the skills of reading each and every letter of the alphabet with long and short sounds.

Do you have any inspirational words and/or specific sites, organizations, strategies, or links that you’d like to share with other teachers?

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”


“Allah gives respite, but never neglects”





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