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My Life in Bayan

Tell us a bit about your background:


My name is Salwa Alawak from Syria. I have taught Arabic language at the secondary level at Al Bayan Bilingual School since 2003. I have three children, two boys and one girl. In addition to reading, I like to do crafts.


Tell us one moment from your teaching experience that was particularly powerful, interesting, or funny:


The most poignant moment was when I decided to surprise my students with the chocolates they like during one of our final classes of the year. When they entered the room, I found out that they had brought me coffee and pastries to express their thanks. At that moment, I felt the extent of love and appreciation of my students .


What teaching and learning goal are you most excited to achieve by the end of this school year?


The goal that I am always trying to achieve is - and that I believe I often succeed in achieving, especially this year, is to raise the academic level of my students. I have encouraged them to want to read Arabic books and follow various writers and their work. The most important thing that happened this year is that the behavior has improved for some of my students. One mother noticed a change in her child and mentioned it to me; this made me feel really happy because I succeeded to positively influence my students.


Do you have any inspirational words and/or specific sites, organizations, strategies, or links that you’d like to share with other teachers?


One of the most important things that I remind my students is that one can learn something new every day in every aspect of life. For this, I always tell them to always be ready for such opportunities and take advantage of them. Also, I always remind my students that one should not be shy to ask questions in class because asking questions implies that the person is thinking.


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