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My Calling

I was one of those girls who knew from an early age that teaching was what I was supposed to do. When I was young, I was a struggling reader. There was something that seemed to prevent me from unlocking the mystery that was found in books. When I found the Babysitter's Club stories by Ann Martin, I was hooked and my love of reading was cemented. I was determined that I wanted to help students that struggled with reading to love books as well. Several years later I was having summer school for the children of my neighborhood. I knew then that I was created to teach young children. I was able to graduate from University with a degree in elementary education and Spanish.

My first teaching job took me to the border of Texas and Mexico where I would teach first and third grade. It was during this time that I realized that teaching was my calling. I remember lying awake at night, wondering how I was going to "get" a student that was struggling to understand a concept. It meant spending nights grading, laminating and cutting the things that I needed for my classroom. I moved to Fort Worth, Texas were I had the opportunity to teach science and reading in sixth grade. It was the hardest job that I ever had, and once again I was reminded about the importance of a strong Early Childhood foundation. I was offered a position to start a bilingual program in a public elementary school. I had to teach the whole day in Spanish and quickly learned that Early Childhood was a passion.

I came to BBS in 2012 to work in our KG department. It was an incredible time. I learned that when a teacher develops a connection with her classroom, she can truly change the world. After two years at BBS, I made the difficult decision to leave the classroom and become an Instructional Coach, and a year later, I was offered my position as Deputy Principal.

Teaching isn’t easy, but it is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. These days when I walk through the hallways and I have children come and give me a hug, I am reminded that there is nothing better in this world than being loved by a child. It is that knowledge that makes the difficult times worthwhile, and that’s what gets me here every morning.



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