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Learning Through Play

My name is Sura and I teach KG2 English. I am from the UK and have been teaching in Kuwait for nine years. This is my eighth year at Al Bayan. I moved to Kuwait in 2006 when I got married and I have four wonderful children. I studied Accounting at The American University of Kuwait and went on to complete my master's degree in Educational Leadership at The College of New Jersey. I taught Nursery for the five years at BBS and transferred to KG2 in 2016. I definitely have a soft spot for preschool and could not imagine working in other departments.  Some of my hobbies include travelling, exercising, and shopping.

This year my team and I have been focusing on learning through play for our KG2 students. We have been planning creative invitations and provocations inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. The intention is for students to guide and scaffold their own learning through different activities. Our goal as teachers is to ensure that we are still covering all the standards in our curriculum while meeting our students' different learning needs.

I would like to share the gonoodle website. This website consists of different characters and different exercises that students can follow to get energized. The chosen character grows with each completed 'brain break'.  The benefits of gonoodle are improved behavior and attention, higher academic performance, and stronger classroom cohesion.

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