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It's All Part of the Show


Tell us a bit about your background:

My name is Lamia Abdulfataah, I’m from Jordan. I graduated in 2002 with a bachelor degree in Guidance and Psychological Health, from the Jordanian University in Amman, Jordan. I’ve been working as a teacher for 14 years. My favorite hobbies include acting, puppet shows and dramatic theatre. I also enjoy composing songs and singing for and with my students.


Tell us one moment from your teaching experience that was particularly powerful, interesting, or funny:

Funny moment: During one of the classes I told the children that I have to leave the class and I’ll be back soon. I costumed clothes for a mother, and the children were not able to recognize me when I returned back to class. After a couple of days I costumed again for a grandmother, and again they didn’t recognize me. When I finished acting, I quickly left, changed and returned back to class. The children asked me, “where have you been?” I told them I was out to grab some papers. They replied, “You missed the guests that visited us.” One of the boys raised his hand and asked me: “Ms. Lamia why does a guest come in each time you leave the classroom?” That was one of the my favorite moments. The students found it entertaining, and I love that I triggered their curiosity.

What teaching and learning goal are you most excited to achieve by the end of this school year? 

My goal is to have my students focus more, engage in the classroom and follow instructions. To achieve my goal I will plan a motivation program for the children in class, and encourage them to follow it.

Do you have any inspirational words and/or specific sites, organizations, strategies, or links that you’d like to share with other teachers?



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