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Building a Future Generation

I am El- Sayyed Al- Rawy from Egypt. I graduated from AL- Azhar in 1988. My practical beginning was not education related. I worked for two years in a huge clothing center in Cairo at Solomon Street Pasha (Talaat Harb /AL- Tahreer). I had a good experience in management, so they asked me to work as manager of the center, but I refused .I preferred to work in teaching and already accepted a job as a teacher in a secondary Azhar institute. One year later, I travelled to Kuwait to work in one of the Arabic private schools from 2002 to 2006. Then I joined BBS from 2006 to present.

I am very happy with my work as a teacher because I know I am helping to build a generation. How amazing to be one of the builders of the future. I hope that my words will remain attached to the mind of my students.

During my summer holidays while attending college, my friends and I would volunteer at local public schools in Egypt to teach. The idea was very successful because it enhanced the students’ academic and behavioral levels. The school director and teachers were so happy with our work. They attended some of our classes. At the end of the year, the school administration honored us for our efforts. It was truly a great work!

I loved the work of the scouts program during university; I was the team leader of the college team. We traveled to attend scout conferences and ended up earning outstanding results for the university during that period. Later, I did some studies in the scouts’ field, which made me qualified to become a scout coach.

My hobbies are fishing and other sea activities. I like to explore new natural areas and going out to the green yards in the spring, as I quite like agriculture. Taking care of the plants s is fantastic. It is a joy to watch your crops grow day after day.

I wrote poetry at a time, but it was mostly Egyptian colloquial. I love reading poetry. I like photography too.

The goal that I am trying to achieve by the end of the year is to ensure that 75% of my students earn a 90% or higher in class. In addition, I am looking to increase communication with the parents of the students who got low marks. I am also working this year to instill the active listening concept among students.

I have some interests to work as a coach. I did some studies in the training field. I am still doing this work and getting certificates.

Inspirational words in my life: “Smile and live cheerfully; people will not make your smile!”

“Do not be sad for what you missed and instead focus on what is coming.”

Websites that help me in my career:" target="_blank">Kahoot



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