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Back in Q8

Hello! My name is Milanka Markov and I'm from Toronto, Canada. This is my fifth year of teaching internationally. I've taught in Korea, Vietnam and Kuwait. When I'm not in the classroom I enjoy exploring new cultures and trying local food when traveling, discovering the underwater world by diving, and practising self-awareness through yoga.

Keep it light and fun! For the first half of the year I'm teaching the class one new idiom a week. I think it will be a great way to teach conversational English and have students feel comfortable with their ability to communicate their meaning. The goal is to build colourful language for students so that they can express their thoughts as they become global citizens. For the second half of the year, we will work on riddles. Laughter is important to happiness and health, and this is will be a great way to introduce intellectual humour through critical thinking and problem solving. The goal is to expand their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

I have heard about the Tribes Learning Community process before, so I am thrilled to work at a school that incorporates it. Throughout the year we will create a compassionate and caring learning environment. By the end of the year, the goal is for every child to feel respected, appreciated and included by their teachers and peers.

"The day you're willing to veer off the lesson plan, follow a kid's lead, and learn with your students is the day you really become a teacher."

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