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My name is Hiba Akoush; I am from Lebanon. I graduated from the Arabic Language and Literature Department at the Lebanese University in 2003. I moved to Kuwait 10 years ago right after I got married, and since then I have been working at Al Bayan Bilingual school .

I have four kids; a ten year old fifth grader daughter, and an eight year old daughter who is in grade 3; they both study at BBS. In addition, I have twins who are almost three years old. Both my work and my family occupy all my time. After teaching for so long, my work has become a crucial part of my life and Al Bayan has become my second home. I feel the sense of belonging and love here.

Since I started teaching, I believe that education is a profession of giving I always worked hard to apply this philosophy in my daily life.

I am accustomed to starting each school year with a lot of hard work, and ending it quietly and lovingly. This shows when my students surprised me at the end of last year with a cake as a token of their love and appreciation for the effort we had put in together over the course of the academic year. I am always trying to help my students to become role models as they learn, work, give, and then apply it in their studies and in their lives outside of school.

I always like to recall a saying for Mutanabi, especially the following two verses:

Strong resolves come in proportion to men of determination, and noble deeds come in proportion to magnanimous men

Little things are deemed great by little minds, while grave calamities pale into insignificance in the eyes of the great


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