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تنمية قدرات المعلمين لتحسين أداء الطلاب 

#tlcbbs Slow Chat

Sundays - Tuesdays - Thursdays starting at 7:00am during BBS professional development weeks (GMT+3)

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Why Twitter?

There are a number of great resources to help teachers based on location, subject, grade level, and technology being shared via Twitter from colleagues’ professional practice.  Many teachers around the world are also using Twitter as a part of their ever-expanding PLN (personal learning network) to connect, share, and network.  The TLC sees this as an extension of our work to help support teachers improving student achievement.

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What is a Twitter chat?

  • A conversation about a specific topic
  • A way to connect with educators from BBS, Kuwait, and around the world
  • A way to share ideas and resources

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How do I join #tlcbbschat?

On Sunday the chat starts. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, a total of three questions will be tweeted out. There is no hurry to respond. Teachers can think about it for several hours, find a blog post, link, or video to share, or even write their own blog post or create a video response in order to reply to the question. When teachers are ready to respond, they will tweet out “A1 ‘insert response here’ #tlcbbschat”.

There will be ONE question per day starting on designated Sundays starting at 7:00am. That’s three questions all built around the same topic to get the ball rolling.

#tlcbbschat Time Schedule

• Q1 (Sunday): 7:00am (A1)

• Q2 (Tuesday):  12:15pm (A2)

• Q3 (Thursday): 7:00am (A3)

#tlcbbschat Schedule

Semester One


16, 18, 20


7, 9, 11


11, 13, 15


9, 11, 13


13, 15, 17

Semester Two


17, 19, 21


10, 12, 14


14, 16, 18

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