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Together We Grow!

I am May Al Andary coming from the mountains of Lebanon. I have a BA in Early Childhood Education and recently obtained a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Suny Buffalo University of New York. This is my sixth year teaching at BBS and I have been teaching kindergarten for the past sixteen years in Kuwait.

My passion is spending time in nature and enjoying the beauty of forests and rivers. Growing and nurturing plants is a great inspiration for nurturing little children. I believe that teaching is like gardening by providing the environment for each child to learn and grow. I also concur with John Hattie that the teacher has the greatest impact on the student’s approach towards learning.

This year is a challenging experience for both teachers and children, as we are exploring and discovering a new learning curve. My aim this year is to ensure that my students are independently participating in all the activities by communicating with the parents on how they can support and guide their child at home without interfering with their learning process. It is crucial at this age level to collect data on students' progression to design and plan the next learning goals, and we can only achieve it by creating feasible formative assessments and effective communication channels with the parents.

I would like to share with you this video of Sir Ken Robinson in one of his Talk’s discussed about how to change education and said that the basics and fundamentals to have a theater are the “Performer” and the “Audience”, and what makes a school are the “Teacher” and the “ Learner”." target="_blank">" How To Change Education"  - Sir Ken Robinson

I believe my role as a teacher is to respect each child’s individuality and light the spark of curiosity in each one of them to be successful in their lives.


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